Casework Update-December

January 5, 2015

Throughout December many of my constituents contacted me with a range of issues. Here are some examples of successful outcomes…

An elderly constituent contacted me regarding a parking charge notice (PCN) from South Tyneside Hospital where he was attending a coronary check-up or scan. He paid for a two hour period and was dismayed on returning to his car to discover that he had received a £70.00 parking ticket for an excess period of only 3 minutes. I contacted ParkingEye and the company waivered his PCN.

I was contacted by a constituent regarding the return of her USA passport. My constituent sent her passport to the Home Office to rectify an error on her visa. She had booked aeroplane tickets to return to the USA for Christmas and was very concerned that she had not yet received her passport back. I contacted the UK Visas and Immigration Department at the Home Office and, following my intervention, the necessary corrections were made to the visa document which was received the next day. She wrote: “Emma, you are such an amazing MP! I am ecstatic with this, and I sincerely appreciate everything you have done for me! ….. it makes my heart warm that you still helped me!! …. you’ve been a life-saver! Merry Christmas and happy holidays, :’-) THANK YOU sooo much!!!!!!!!”

A constituent of mine complained about the poor service she suffered whilst trying to reclaim Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) claim. An error on the part of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) resulted in my constituent incurring bank charges. Within two weeks of my intervention, payment of £4,771 was received by my constituent and a further £300 financial redress for poor service, worry and distress, and bank charges.

A breakdown of the details of the most common cases can be found by clicking on the pie chart below. 

Casework Update-December

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