Casework Update – February 2016

March 4, 2016

A constituent contacted me as they had been suffering with damp in their home for several months.  They had complained on numerous occasions to their landlord, however no repairs were undertaken.  I contacted the landlord on the constituent’s behalf and not only was the damp treated but repairs were made to the windows and the kitchen re-decorated.

I was contacted by a female constituent who raised an issue of poor street lighting in part of the town centre which made her and others feel unsafe at night.  I contacted the council to raise this issue and they have now designed a new lighting system for the area in question and it will be installed in the coming weeks.


A constituent attended my surgery after experiencing difficulties with a JSA Claim.  The claim was submitted to the DWP and they were told that it would be handled as soon as possible.  After waiting 3 weeks the claim had still not been processed and the constituent was left without any money.  I contacted the DWP on my constituents behalf and the back dated payment was made to my constituent the same day.
Pie Chart February 2016

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