Casework update- January 2016.

February 15, 2016

A constituent contacted me after a error made by a housing association had meant she had lost out on a property which she had successfully bided for.  After contacting the housing association, who issued my constituent with a formal apology, exceptional circumstances paperwork was issued which meant that my constituent was offered a property in the same area the next day.

Another constituent contacted me after paving slabs in her street had become raised due to tree roots, this was causing a problem not only with accessing the pavements, but also for parking in the street.  I contacted the local council who inspected the area and agreed there was a problem and the necessary repairs and maintenance have now been undertaken.

Another constituent contacted me about outstanding repairs on his property which he rented from a social housing company.  After I contacted the Chief Executive the repair work was scheduled to take place the following week and my constituent was provided with a £50 decoration voucher in order to cover the cosmetic damage caused by the works.


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