Casework Update- November

December 16, 2015

November has been another busy month for casework, below are just a few of the cases Emma has helped constituents with.

A constituent came to Emma in order to challenge her ESA decision as she disagreed with the assessment that she was fit for work.  After a mandatory reconsideration, she was informed that she had in fact been wrongly assessed, she was in fact unfit for work and received a substantial back payment.

Due to the recent storms in the area Emma has been inundated with requests for help repairing fences and roofs, initially these requests were turned down.  However after Emma became involved these decisions were overturned and the work was subsequently carried out.  If you require any help with housing repairs due to the recent weather then please contact Emma’s office.

A constituent had her tax credit award withdrawn.  After Emma contacted HM Revenue and Customs the constituent was informed that her tax credits would be re-instated as well as receiving a back dated payment as well as compensation for distress caused.


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