Emma hosts Dyspraxia Foundation event in Parliament

October 16, 2015

151016 Dyspraxia Foundation ReceptionEmma hosted an event in Parliament together with the Dyspraxia Foundation this week, as part of the Foundation’s annual Awareness Week.

Since 1987, the Foundation has worked to support individuals with dyspraxia and spread awareness about this often misunderstood condition.

Dyspraxia is a developmental condition that affects coordination and spatial awareness. People with dyspraxia can, depending on the severity of their condition, struggle with their sense of direction or balance, or have difficulties with complex tasks like driving.

Emma herself has mild dyspraxia, which she became aware of as an adult.

Emma welcomed dozens of guests, including MPs, to a reception on Parliament’s terrace. They heard from guest speakers including Michele Lee, Chair of the Foundation, and Labour’s Shadow Education Minister Pat Glass MP. Before becoming an MP, Pat was an advisor to the last Labour Government on special needs.

This year’s Dyspraxia Awareness Week focused on the gender gap in diagnosis and support, and the way that dyspraxia is often not identified as quickly in girls as in boys.

Emma said:

“It was lovely to have the Dyspraxia Foundation back for a second consecutive year. I’ve noticed even more buzz around Dyspraxia Awareness Week this year, and events like this really help to put the condition on the agenda in Parliament.

“I want to congratulate everyone at the Foundation for making Dyspraxia Awareness Week such a huge success. I would have loved to have had an organisation like theirs supporting me when I was growing up, and I know they make a huge difference to people across the country today.”

If you would like to find out more about the Dyspraxia Foundation, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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