Emma joins Better Together campaign to keep Britain united

September 12, 2014

140911 ELB Scottish ReferendumThis Thursday Emma joined thousands of Labour campaigners, including more than 100 Labour MPs, to campaign for a No vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum on 18 September.

Emma visited Glasgow and Hamilton, where Labour campaigners were out in force to convince voters in Thursday’s referendum that the UK is Better Together.

Emma explained that she was proud of Britain’s shared history, and wanted to see the United Kingdom stay together.

“Scotland and the rest of the UK have achieved so much together, and I think it would be a real shame to lose that shared history. 

“We have a lot in common politically as well as culturally.  A lot of great Labour politicians from Keir Hardie onwards have come from Scotland.  Our values are so similar – we should stick together so that we can build a better Britain for everyone.”140911 LabourNo Glasgow

Emma also pointed out that the decision would affect not just Scots, but people in South Shields.

“We have to consider the impact that an independent Scotland would have on towns in the North.  Scotland would in effect become a competitor and that could have an effect on employment and wages on both sides of the border. That’s another reason why I think it’s important for me to be here today – because separation could have serious consequences for working people.”

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