Emma joins recreation of Jarrow March to protest against NHS privatisation

August 19, 2014

140816 March for NHSThis weekend Emma joined hundreds of protestors from across South Tyneside as they recreated the famous Jarrow March of 1936.  The marchers are opposing the Coalition Government’s attempts to privatise parts of the NHS.

Emma joined the marchers from Jarrow to Chester-le-Street to support the cause.  The march will cover over 300 miles and travel through 23 towns and cities on its way to London, retracing the footsteps of the 207 marchers who marched from Jarrow to Parliament during the Great Depression.  The march will arrive in London on 6 September, three weeks after setting off.

You can find out more about the march by visiting the 999 Call for the NHS website.  You can also visit their Facebook page or show your support on Twitter using the hashtag #March4NHS.

The Government’s Health and Social Care Act 2012 forced competition on parts of the NHS, despite opposition from doctors, patients and Labour MPs.  Since then millions of pounds have been wasted on legal fees and bureaucracy to satisfy the new competition laws, instead of being spent on patient care.140816 March for NHS2

Labour has pledged that it will repeal Section 75 of the Act and put an end to the Coalition’s waste.  This will allow money to be reinvested in front line services.  For example, under Labour every person will be guaranteed an appointment with their GP within 48 hours.

Emma said:

“It is incredibly inspiring to see people who care so passionately about our NHS and who are determined to defend it.  Our health service is one of the greatest achievements of any government, and we can’t allow the Tories to dismantle it.

“I’m proud to see that the spirit of the original Jarrow marchers is alive and well, and that so many people turned out to stand up for our NHS.  I want to make sure we get a Labour government in 2015 that will reverse the Tories’ competition rules and protect our health service.”

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