Emma Speaks Out About Household Food Insecurity

December 16, 2016

Last week Emma challenged the government over the growing number of people suffering from household food insecurity and why they have continually refused to measure the scale of the problem despite calls from across the House and a range of agencies.

Food poverty is a massive issue facing British society. In one of the richest countries in the world, we should be ashamed to admit that over 8.4 million people in the UK are estimated to be food insecure, where they are subject to hunger and malnourishment. This shocking statistic highlights the abject failure of an austerity-driven government who have used those with the least to prop up their tax cuts to the wealthy.

Emma spoke about the work she and others have done across the House to highlight this issue for a number of years now and expressed her disappointment and anger that as the problem deepens the Government continue to make things worse for people via their punitive unfair welfare and benefit changes.

You can read Emma’s speech in full here.

Speaking after the debate Emma said

‘This is yet another debate on food poverty where yet another Minister refuses to act or even at least give a commitment to speak with his colleagues in Government to alleviate the growing hunger on their watch.  I am bitterly disappointed’

You can read Emma’s piece for Politics Home on this issue by clicking here.



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