Emma speaks out during Dyspraxia Week

October 22, 2013

Emma Lewell-Buck 19smallLast week saw the Dyspraxia Foundation hold its annual Dyspraxia Awareness Week, beginning with a launch event in London. Emma Lewell-Buck MP, the first Member of Parliament to speak openly about her dyspraxia, addressed the reception, and spoke about her experience of growing up with the condition and the importance of early intervention and support.

Emma, the Labour MP for South Shields, recently spoke to the Sunday Telegraph about growing up with dyspraxia, public misunderstanding of the condition and her determination not to let it stand in the way of her ambition of becoming an MP.

Dyspraxia Awareness Week ran from 14-20 October and was the Dyspraxia Foundation’s most successful campaign to date, with a number of successful events including the national Dress Down for Dyspraxia fundraising drive. The campaign has received positive media coverage, educating members of the public about the disease and urging those who may never have considered seeking a diagnosis to do so.

The Foundation launched its new helpline and website this week, both of which provide a valuable resource to dyspraxics, family members, and those working with people who have the condition.

Emma said:

“I’m incredibly proud to be able to work with the Dyspraxia Foundation to highlight what is an often overlooked and misunderstood condition. As an MP I want to use my position to be an advocate for supporting those with dyspraxia, and to prove that conditions like mine do not need to hold people back from achieving their goals.

“I am delighted that this year’s Dyspraxia Awareness Week has been such a success, and look forward to building on this success to help reach those who are going without the support that could change their lives.”

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