Emma tackles Chancellor over HMRC forcing people into debt

December 7, 2015

A number of constituents have approached Emma distressed that HM Revenue and Customs have been recovering accidental overpayments in working tax credits by reducing, without notice, peoples’ child tax credits entitlement.  This has led to families being left with less money to live on than the minimum amount recommended by the Government, forcing some into debt.

Emma asked George Osborne in Treasury questions:

“A large number of my constituents have been alarmed that mistaken overpayments of working tax credits made by HMRC have been recovered, without warning, from their child tax credit entitlements. Is the Department’s policy now to push people into poverty and debt by punishing them for HMRC’s mistakes?”

In response Harriet Baldwin MP, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury said:

The hon. Lady might remember the terrible roll-out of working tax credits that occurred when the Labour Government were in power. I can assure her that we will continue to improve administration of tax credits.”

Afterwards, Emma went on to say:

“It is typical of this Government that they chose not to apologise to the families effected and instead chose to side step the question and incorrectly blame the last Labour Government for something that has happened under their watch.  It is outrageous, yet sadly not surprising that the Government think it is acceptable to punish people in this way for their own mistakes’’.

You can read the whole debate here

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