Farage Northern Rock claim “shocking” says Emma

April 24, 2013

Emma Lewell-Buck 09 smallEmma Lewell-Buck, Labour’s candidate for South Shields, responding to Nigel Farage telling a group of Wetminster journalists that he would have let Northern Rock go bust, said:

“It is shocking to hear Nigel Farage say that he would have allowed Northern Rock to go bust. This would have meant the loss of 6, 000 jobs in the North East and seen many families here in South Shields who have mortgages and savings with Northern Rock face financial uncertainty.

“We know that UKIP want to make even deeper cuts to public services than the Tories now we can see that they don’t care about jobs and financial security for local people either. UKIP cannot be trusted to do the right thing for people here in South Shields. “

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