First run for the Key Community Food Bus

August 8, 2023

Today saw the first outing for the Key 2 Life Food Bank’s Community Food Bus, a mobile community shop selling fresh and tinned foods, toiletries and groceries at affordable prices for those struggling with the cost of living crisis.

In addition to being an affordable shop, the bus provides a hub for residents of South Shields to receive support and advice from local services and the Key 2 Life Foodbank volunteers.

If you would like to check on where the food bus will be, you can find the timetable on the bus’ facebook page here:

The Tories’ cost of living crisis and the gradual erosion of living standards over the last 13 years has forced food banks to step in to form part of the safety net as our welfare system has been allowed to crumble. It is only thanks to the works of organisations like Feeding Britain, of whom I am a founder member, that we are able to improve the network of community support through operations like the Food Bus.

I commend all those involved for their time and effort in making the food bus possible. I will keep working to ensure a Labour Government removes the need for a safety net like this.

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