Meeting with young people from the National Citizen Service Scheme

March 12, 2014

023_140305_National_Citizen_ServiceLast month Emma met young people from the National Citizen Service (NCS) Scheme to discuss local issues and share with them some of the challenges she faced on her journey to becoming a Member of Parliament.

Emma talked about the inequality and the inherent unfairness that exists in our country and how for her entering politics was a way to make a difference. She told the young people that much of her success was down to plain hard work and never giving up, despite many knock backs.

Emma said that she is aware that young people are often victims of ‘bad press’, but knows that many young people are hardworking, have great dreams and ambitions and want the chance to build a future for themselves and have their voices heard.  She told them that the Labour Party believes that people who are 16 years old should be entitled to vote helping to give a voice to people who may otherwise not be heard – those present were eager for Emma to continue to push for this.

Emma was able to have a lively discussion with the young people. During which they considered the difference between national and local government and the need to achieve greater diversity amongst those who are involved in running the country. The young people wanted to know more about law making and were particularly interested in legislation aimed at stopping people committing crimes against others because of their race, religion or sexual orientation. They also raised their concerns about the national budget and the future of the NHS.  On a local level the young people expressed concern about issues affecting the town centre such as homelessness and problems relating to drug taking / dealing. Understandably they were particularly eager to raise the issue of student loans and youth unemployment. Emma assured them that she is determined to continue to work against the factors which cause unemployment.

Emma was impressed by the range of questions from the young people and was impressed by a quote from one of them: “Teaching is great, but inspiring is divine”.  She told them that her favourite part of being a Member of Parliament was meeting her constituents and talking to them about the issues that affect South Shields because it is those issues she can then take to Parliament.

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