My Statement on the Gaza Ceasefire Vote

February 21, 2024

Since October last year I have continually called for a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza. In November I voted for a ceasefire in Parliament, I will do so again this evening.

I know this vote does not force an end to hostilities, but international pressure does have an effect.

Hamas must immediately release all hostages taken during the inhumane and sickening terrorist attacks against Israel on 7th October last year.

The escalation of hostilities by Israel against Hamas in Gaza has taken a devastating toll on civilians. The ground offensive in Rafah must not take place.

The scale of death and destruction is unprecedented. According to the latest UN figures, over 28 thousand Palestinians have been killed, including thousands of children.

In Gaza children are suffering from starvation and disease, many are seriously injured with limited medical aid, many have lost their entire family, the trauma they are enduring is unimaginable.

Only an immediate and lasting ceasefire will protect the lives of these innocent children and civilians, alongside ensuring a scale up of aid that the people of Gaza so urgently need to survive.

The UK should join the other UN Security Council nations and the majority of the international community in calling for a ceasefire.

Every civilian death, Israeli and Palestinian, is an absolute tragedy and builds an ever-greater barrier to the prospect of a peaceful two-state solution.

Emma Lewell-Buck MP

Member of Parliament for South Shields

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