Plans for Northern Rail will see passengers pay more for less

November 10, 2014

141110 Rail North RallyLast week campaigners from across the North travelled to Parliament to protest against the Government’s plans for Northern Rail. Emma met with people who had travelled down from South Shields, and agreed that the plans would result in passengers paying more for a worse service.

The Government is proposing changes to the service that will result in higher fares, job losses and ticket office closures.

Staff have warned that this will impact on the service passengers receive, with fewer staff on hand to provide information or to assist disabled or elderly passengers.

Passengers have also protested at the proposed fare increase at a time when wages are still failing to rise. The UK’s rail fares are already the highest in Europe.

Labour has pledged to bring in a touch cap on rail fares if elected in 2015

Emma said:

“Passengers are getting ripped off under the Coalition, with fares 20 per cent higher than they were in 2010. Now the Government is saying that not only will passengers pay more, but they will get a worse service for their money. That’s not acceptable, and the Government should rethink their plans now.”

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