Sign Emma’s petition to “Freeze That Bill” and stop rising energy costs

October 28, 2013

131028 Freeze That BillEmma took to the streets of South Shields this weekend to ask residents to sign Labour’s Freeze That Bill petition, and put pressure on David Cameron to listen to Ed Miliband’s call to freeze energy bills until 2017.

Ed announced at this year’s Labour Party Conference that a Labour government would freeze fuel bills for two years from 2015. This would give every one of Shields’ 37,900 households help with the rising cost of living, saving the average home £120 a year.

But households also need help with the cost of living now, and that is why Labour’s petition calls on David Cameron to freeze prices now.

Under David Cameron energy bills have risen by an average of £300 a year, with further rises of up to £100 expected this winter. Meanwhile, prices have risen faster than wages for 39 of the 40 months the Coalition have been in power.

Emma will be out on the doorstep over the coming weeks asking local people to help send a message to the Government. But you can also do your part by signing her petition online, by clicking here.

Emma said:

“I know that energy bills are one of the biggest worries for people in South Shields, and sadly there are a growing number of people who face a choice between putting food on the table and heating their homes.

“Labour wants to give hard-pressed families help with the rising cost of living, and that is why Ed Miliband has pledged that the next Labour government will stop outrageous energy price rises by freezing customers’ bills until 2017.

“But with winter on the way there are a lot of people in South Shields who need help right now, and that is why I want residents to join me in calling on David Cameron to freeze bills today.”

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