Visits to local arts charities

September 17, 2013

IMG_7396-1Emma visited local arts charities and businesses today in South Shields.

Firstly, Emma visited Hawthorn Arts which run classes for people with disabilities to support their recovery or manage their disabilities as well as providing services to local artists in South Shields.

She then went to visit Arts 4 Wellbeing, a local charity which provides a safe space for people to meet in the community, particularly those suffering from mental health issues, learning disabilities and physical disabilities.those at risk of developing mental health problems.

The charity encourages its users to take part in arts and craft activities in their studio and works to educate the public on mental health issues.

Emma said:

“It was great to see the work these two fantastic organisations do in our community.

“They provide an essential service to people with disabilities and mental health issues, the warm, relaxed environment that the staff and volunteers create is perfect for encouraging people to take part in arts and crafts.”

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