Chairing the new Defence Sub-Committee on UK’s AI Capabilities

December 14, 2023

I am delighted to be Chair of the new Sub-Committee inquiry on Developing AI Capacity and Expertise in UK Defence. The purpose of which is to ensure that we have the long and short-term plans in place to lead on defence artificial intelligence in an increasingly dangerous world.

The Committee will also consider how the MOD can best support the UK defence sector to reap the benefits of the growing importance of AI and champion UK tech to give the UK a competitive edge in AI development.

As a member of the Defence Select Committee since March 2020, I am looking forward to playing my part in ensuring that we are ready to seize the opportunities and understand the dangers presented by the rapidly evolving technology of the defence landscape – technologies that we are seeing played out in real-time on the battlefield in Ukraine.

These technologies have the power to save lives and prevent the endangerment of our armed forces, as well as civilian populations in emerging warzones.

With disruptive technologies proliferating at breakneck speed across the world, our ability to gain advantages over potential adversaries and malign forces is dependent on the vitality of our tech, industrial and academic sectors.

The inquiry has already begun to receive evidence from academics, industry leaders and smaller firms, and will hold its first public inquiry on the 20th February.

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